Thursday, 17 May 2018

Sun is out, so is the camera :)

Last Sunday I went on a photography course on outdoor shots of dogs, so much to learn, came away with my head buzzing. The pictures on Dartmoor were taken on the course, then we had a beach day and today I was trying out some low angle shots.

The pups are coming on nicely, subject to final deposit being received all now have homes waiting for them. Not too many puppy pics at the moment as they don't really do that much, but I promise there will be puppy spam once they are out and about, and of course the webcam is running if you need a puppy fix :)

Lastly the kittens, Dumbledore and McGonagall, we had a few minutes in the garden for some pics in the daisy filled lawn. McGonagall is going to be staying, I just couldn't resist. She is now called Monkey, as she is a little monkey and will be registered as Spider Monkey to keep a theme going with Beetle.

Friday, 11 May 2018

I have my eye on you

Puppies are now 12 days old and most have opened their eyes :) We are still waiting for the right home for our last boy (please note I would prefer him to be homed in the UK as I already have one puppy being exported). They are pretty nifty on their feet now and have already started making their way off the bed and onto the newspaper for a wee.

Beetles kittens are just so outgoing, the little girl is currently available, please note that I am happy for an initial contact to be made via email or text, but after that I will need to speak to those who are interested, I will not take deposits for my puppies or kittens to people that I have not chatted to.